Offset Printing

Printing Concepts offers numerous printing possibilities; from large to short runs, one color to six colors, foil stamping, embossing, scratch off foils and security inks. Our printing presses are up for the challenge of creating quality products fixed to your schedule. Since we offer both sheet-fed, offset press and digital press capabilities, we carry a wide array of products. We have been offset printing traditional products such as magazines, newsletters, annual reports, booklets, and posters for the last 50 years.

For more than 10 years, our printing services have included specialty items like tickets and passes, promotional products, direct mailings with variable data, aqueous/ UV coatings, scratch-off, and security inks. Because we have multiple presses which are equipped to complete various tasks, we are able to accomplish every project on time and to exact specifications. In addition to printing, we offer finishing services.

Offset Commercial Printing

Long run, full service offset printing meets your needs for larger productions. Our four and six color Komori presses are equipped to handle any larger project. We use aluminum plates to separate the colors and elements of your design to achieve maximum color quality, perfect registration, and consistent density. Our press operators are highly trained and certified in running each press. In addition, our pre-press team works with the production team and press operators to ensure each project is completed to specification, eliminating the chance for error.

Video: Komori Lithrone 629 + Sheet fed Offset Press

6- Color with Komori Inline Aqueous and UV Coating, Komori Automatic Plate Changing System (APC), 15M impressions per hour.

Video: Komori Spica 429p Perfector Offset Press

4- Color with Automated features to down production time while increasing efficiency, approx. 7-8K impressions per hour.

Digital Printing

From large to short runs ranging from one to 6-plus colors, our digital presses are ready to produce quality products fixed to your schedule.

Digital Printing with our HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press

Digital printing encompasses using digital files to combine traditional offset printing strategies with unsurpassed quality. By using digital files instead of plates, production costs are minimized while the speed and value is increased. We are able to achieve genuine photo quality with our HP Indigo 5600 Press, and our production value has never looked so amazing.

The HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press delivers unmatched digital offset and photo quality with high versatility and productivity. Seamlessly switching between jobs and media types—with a new added ability to print on synthetics—the press is ideal for [Print Service Providers] with a diverse job mix. – HP Development

Our HP Indigo 5600 can use up to 6 on-press ink stations enabling the use of HP Indigo’s wide digital color gamut, including special effect inks and process colors for vivid printing and accurate on-press Pantone emulations. We are able to use true spot colors, mixed off press, for perfect Pantone-certified solids.


  • Short run capability: Produce a wide range of quality products from one to six colors.
  • Widest media range: With 2500+ certified useable substrates—the widest choice in the industry—the Indigo 5600 press prints on a variety of uncoated and coated papers as well as unique substrates.
  • Print on synthetics: Printing on synthetics using HP Indigo’s unique One Shot Color printing mode.
  • Security printing: HP Indigo ElectroInk UV Red creates print that is only visible under UV light. This is valuable for high-security plastic cards and adding anti-counterfeiting features.
  • White Opaque Ink: The press supports dark and black substrates that work with printed opaque white inks on a variety of darker papers.
  • Pantone Inks: Need a PMS color match? The Indigo 5600 will print spot PMS colors to ensure color consistency.

What can digital printing do for me?

Versatility is a key factor with our HP Indigo 5600 digital press.

  • We are easily able to run small to medium quantities for any type of project.
  • Print short-run projects that need to fold or die-cut. 
  • Print specialized QR (quick response) codes that gets your audience to use their smart phone to access information on a website, SMS text message, video, or any online media content.

Personalized URL addresses are great for direct mail campaigns enabling customers to visit personalized websites and access content specific for them.

Specialty Printing

Specialty printing processes such as foil stampingembossingdie cuts, and other items fall into the specialty categories. They exist to add an extra touch to your product or direct mailing piece.  In some instances, they are necessary elements needed to bring a design together, add a subtle touch of elegance, or incorporate a unique shape to your product. Seeing a unique embossing or die-cut can push the visual appeal upward, changing a printed product into a personal keepsake.

Foil stamping creates a lively and energetic feel to your product, without being too tacky to the viewer. Using a blind emboss can be the perfect addition to reach a subtle and sophisticated finish. Die-cuts allow your product to take on a new shape. These specialty printing finishes bring extra emphasis to your product and your message.

Brausse BF 750 E

The Brausse BF 750 E, a CSA approved electronic/electrical system, allows foil stamping, embossing, and die cuts with great precision.

Custom Packaging and Labels

At Printing Concepts, we provide custom printed paperboard folding cartons, packaging, labels, and dimensional materials and mailers that are specially designed to meet your needs. When it comes to creating dimensional products for Point of Purchase or direct mail, presentation and development of the entire package is essential. If you require artwork to be produced, our pre-press team can help you create custom designs that reflect your product and mailers that spread your intended message.

Using our ESKO digital die-cutter and the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press, we can produce compelling graphics with clarity and vivid colors on a variety of paper and paperboard for packaging and label purposes. We also offer dull or gloss UV coating to protect the package from the weather and physical damage like marks or scuffing.

Through our rich experiences, we have created packaging for special events, packaging for playing cards and card games, dimensional direct mail, point-of-purchase products, folding cartons for in-store production, and much more. Our goal for custom packaging includes:

  • Integrate branding with product visibility
  • Deliver creative merchandising opportunities
  • Create truly custom die-cut and packaging products
  • Include secure packaging solutions for any purchase situation
  • Offer embossed/debossed and foil stamping options
  • Generate dimensional mail that gets your audiences attention
  • Develop a custom design that fits your occasion or intended use
  • Ensure on-time delivery to anywhere you want

If you would like to learn more about packaging opportunities with Printing Concepts, please contact Chuck Orton or Jim Geronimo at Printing Concepts.

Tickets & Promotional Items

At Printing Concepts, we have been printing traditional products such as publications and magazines, newsletters, annual reports, booklets, and posters for the last 40 years. Within the past 15 years, our printing services have included specialty items like tickets and promotional items, unique direct mailings with variable data, aqueous/ UV coatings, and scratch-off and security inks.

Since we have extensive experience printing tickets, we accomplish every project on time and to exact specifications. We take pride in our work and it shows.




Printing Concepts has many specialty products, one of which is printing tickets and passes for various events and services. Our trained pressmen are familiar with producing ticket information for general services, such as Mass Transit passes, event passes, tickets for sports events, and concert tickets. The pressmen with our Indigo 5500 Digital Press  are more than capable of printing tickets for specific events with variable data, unique codes for seating, discounts and sales points. We can also print and produce tickets and passes at any size needed.



Printing Restaurant Menus Erie PA

Printing Services Specific to Restaurants

Take-out menus, postcards, coupons, t-shirts, and more, we provide all the custom printing services your restaurant needs!