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As part of the on-going effort to support the Erie community, Printing Concepts has teamed up with the Erie Manufacturer & Business Association to cross promote local business and entrepreneurial opportunities within the community. Printing Concepts has a long history of working mostly with local communities, from where we print our shipping containers to where we purchase our inks and paper products. As Erie grows and moves forward in this new age of internet marketing and communication, we all have to put forth an effort to encourage working locally.

The Manufacturer & Business Association, with offices in Erie and Harrisburg, is dedicated to providing information and services to its members that will assist them in the pursuit of their business and community interests. Founded in 1905, the Manufacturer & Business Association is a not-for-profit employers’ association whose focus is to help businesses succeed. We partner with more than 4,500 businesses in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio, providing a host of membership benefits. Visit their website to find out more about the MBM, and how you can benefit from their programs.

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