Personalized Direct Mail and Social Marketing Work for Education


B2B Content Marketing TacticsCreating the right message for the right students can be difficult. We understand. Using targeted personalized direct mail for schools and cross media efforts for your campaigns can help increase your student response rates by up to 20%!** Since we have been working with the education industry for 20 years, we’ve seen positive changes. As campaigns become more focused on getting specific results, there has been less blanket marketing and more attention given to targeted marketing efforts. As the visual design philosophy states, “Less is more.

Direct Mail Still Works – Make it Personal

Personalized direct mail for schools and campaigns should happen at multiple levels. For starters, the printed direct mail pieces need to have a personalized message to the recipient explaining the immediate and long-term benefits of responding to schools and universities. This can be done by attracting students to specific concentrations they have shown a specific interest in, or addressing some of the schools extra-curricular activities for students. Using variable images directed to students will also help drive traffic. For example, images of women participating in track can be used for females, while images of guys playing football can be used for males. Even further, an artists’ painting could be used for students interested in the visual arts, while an image of medical lab can be used for students interested in science or the medical field. After all  variable images are going to speak louder than words. It has been shown that more people respond to direct mail campaigns when the mailing is in full color compared to a black and white printed mail campaign.

Personalized Cross Media Gets Results

More and more people are gaining results through cross media marketing. The real results are showing up in personalized cross media advertising, schools and universities using direct mail pieces to drive students to online personalized webpages and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. According to Marketing Profs and the Seybold Report on Printing and Publishing, using personalized cross media marketing can generate up to an additional 20% of response rates, with +9% of respondents responding through a personalized online website.

Your Call To Action – Personal webpages

The PURL or call to action is the main event of the direct mail campaign, and it’s where all the magic happens. Using a PURL gives recipients the opportunity to log on to their personalized website and send you information about themselves. If you want recipients to participate in a conversation, you can direct the recipient to a Facebook page or school blog that focuses on their interests. A lot is going on during this “call-to-action” process, and it is initiated through direct mail campaigns.

Refine your message by capturing what people are viewing

Once the recipient is engaged online, you can track their progress and monitor what links they click on. Using this tracking data, you have a better idea of what students are interested in and what you can do to bring them in further. The value of cross media marketing and direct mail isn’t in your message that your sending, it’s in the ability to track what recipients are interested in the most, so you can in-turn refine your message. Using social media like Facebook and personalized webpages gives you the opportunity to do this.

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** Data taken from the Seybold Report Vol. 9  No. 12


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