Printing Concepts Open House


The Printing Concepts Open House – May 2013

  • Mike Martin with XpedxDoug Bolling and Mike Brummer talk to Mike Martin about paper and production processes.
  • Everyone Enjoying Their TimeOur spread of vegetables, fruit, and finger food was a huge hit. Everyone left full of ideas and sandwiches.
  • Food SpreadOur spread of vegetables, fruit, and finger food was a huge hit. Everyone left full of ideas and sandwiches.
  • Michael Sullivan and Pat CallahanPat Callahan and Michael Sullivan talk about the open house with Pat's wife in front of one of our participating vendors, Mohawk Paper.
  • HP - A participating vendorVince Mazza and Jeff Dowd, representatives of HP, was a participating sponser of our Open House.
  • Jim Colvin leading a tourJim Colvin leads a tour of open house attendees ranging from Gannon University to Stairways Behavioral Health.
  • Katie DeSanti leads a tourKatie DeSanti leads these beautiful ladies around our production floor, showing them the ESKO digital finisher and our Komori 6-color press.
  • Open House ReceptionJohn Krahe, Karen Torres, and Patty Welther talk about technology during our Open House.
  • LuAnn Shidemantle and MikeCarrLuAnn Shidemantle and Mike Carr during our Open House. I think LuAnn is trying not to laugh at her photo being taken.
  • Michael Sullivan with Bill GrantMichael Sullivan from Printing Concepts and Bill Grant pose during our open house.
  • Mohawk - A participating sponsorMohawk Paper was a participating vendor at our open house. Joe Schember is our regional representative and helped with educating our guests during the open house.
  • Guests of Printing ConceptsPatrick Celline, Andrew Lapiska, and others from Gannon University talk to Chuck Orton, our Project Estimator at Printing Concepts.
  • Project WallA small display of some of our past work featuring the vendors and attendees of our open house.
  • Project Wall 2A small display of some of our past work featuring the vendors and attendees of our open house.
  • Printing Concepts employeesRolland Ackley and Chuck Orton talk over some vegetables and dip during our open house.
  • Ron and FriendsRon Kopnisky, Kristine Eddy, Terri Hess, Heather Cass, and others took a moment from our ESKO demonstration to pose for a photo during our open house.
  • Printing Concepts Employees 2Shannon Lutz Tony Boncella, and Sandy Goda pose for a photo toward the end of our open house.
  • Xpedx - A Participating SponsorStephanie Bruce and Sandy Goda from Printing Concepts talk to Mike Carr and Jean Clemens from Xpedx, one of our participating vendors at our open house.
  • Sue Mike and Lee AnnSue Schneider and Lee Ann Bender toast with Mike Martin over a successful open house event. The night went terrific, and everyone left with some great ideas for future projects.
  • Vince and Jeff from HPVince Mazza and Jeff Dowd from HP pose at their HP table. They had some amazing pieces to show everyone, most of which can be created using our HP Indigo 5600 digital press.
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During the Printing Concepts Open House this May, 2013, we welcomed our customers and vendors alike to participate in night of demonstrations, tours, music, food and fun. We had a great time at our Open House, and everyone was thrilled to be a part of this event. In all, over 120 people showed up to our Open House, from all over northwest PA, western PA, and even eastern Ohio.

At the event, we showed off our Esko digital finisher by die cutting our own Printing Concepts playing cards with playing card box, our new die cut brochure that folds in literally a hundred different ways, labels provided by Mohawk Paper and more! The Esko was obviously the hit of the Open House. With a demonstration every hour, the crowd grew and stayed by the Esko, asking questions and generating amazing ideas that everyone can use for their own projects. Shawn Liocano of the production floor, and Michael Sullivan from sales were answering tons of questions about the Esko, saturating our guests with terrific project ideas.

In the rear of the plant, we featured our GBR Inserter with 3 cameras that can scan, match, and finish a complete mailing piece. Rolland Ackley from Mailing was heading the machine as we inserted and completed our 3-Month Newsletter project. Rolland helped discuss the mechanics and abilities of the GBR as people watched and asked questions.

Sam Hyman, a musician from Erie, helped everyone feel comfortable while they enjoyed the night eating food, socializing with Printing Concepts staff, and each other. Our Open House event was a huge success, and it is still the talk of the town a month later.

We hope everyone will come back for our next Open House. View some of the photos from our Open House above.

Thank you to our guests for making the night magical for all of us at Printing Concepts, and thank you to our participating sponsors, HP, Mohawk Paper, USPS, and Xpedx.

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