Printing Concepts Produces Concert Pieces with Black Light Ink


When Crosby Stills & Nash came through Erie in June 2012, the Presque Isle Partnership and looked to Printing Concepts to print their poster, book, and additional handouts. Printing Concepts was more than excited to participate in the creation of these pieces. Using our Komori Lithrone 628 press, we printed the book and poster using 4- color process CMYK, with only one book receiving 5- ink special treatment with a UV reactive ink. The books were cut and saddle stitched to specification according to our client. The only “Winning” book featured UV Reactive, Black Light Reactive Ink. One person attending the concert was the grand prize winner during the show which included amazing prizes and entertainment packages. Printing Concepts was excited to print this piece, and help give someone the experience of a life time!

Using black light reactive ink turned out to be a great device  driving business to the gift stores at Beach 11 at Presque Isle after the concert. Since the winning book could only be identified under black light, each concert goer that had a book needed to visit the gift store so employees could verify whether or not they were the winner. Originally, we had planned to use stickers, however that would not have given Presque Isle gift store the foot traffic they needed. After brainstorming, the UV/ Black Light Reactive Ink idea came to fruition. The City of Erie and Presque Isle patrons loved the idea, and it helped drive the anticipation to see who the winner could be during the concert.

Working with the Presque Isle Partnership, in addition to others, proved to be a great experience for both Printing Concepts and our friends. The concert was a huge success, and needless to say Crosby, Stills & Nash rocked the house. We can only imagine the poster and book had something to do with it.


Crosby Stills & Nash artworkCrosby Still Nash bookCrosby Stills & Nash Black Light Close Up

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