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The evolution of mobile devices is bringing print and digital closer.

We offer cutting-edge digital printing and online marketing services that can boost campaign responses. All of this is achieved with today’s print to mobile digital technology, personal websites and QR codes. By combining print with online communications, we can bring added value to your customers.

Thinking Inside the Box

According to Forrester’s study on Interactive Advertising Models, mobile advertising in the US will grow from $391 million in 2009 to $1.2 billion in 2014. Mobile friendly response mechanism like QR (Quick Response) codes are square bar codes that can be printed on nearly any printable material and scanned by mobile devices using QR readers. QR reader apps are easy to download and currently are shipped installed with newer mobile devices. QR codes are being adopted quickly in the U.S. and will soon be one of the primary way businesses attract attention through marketing campaigns.

QR Codes can be printed in almost any color as long as it’s darker than the paper. In addition, images can be added to the center of QR Codes to keep with branding strategies. The more customized the QR Code, the more noticeable and versatile it can become. Encode the QR Code with a map to your location, and customers can scan the code to be directed to their mobile map apps for driving directions. Currently, QR codes are mostly being used for social media, like Facebook, YouTube videos, and promotional websites. QR codes grant immediate reaction to the audience, since they instantaneously access to information.  The limitations of what audiences find are truly up to the imagination of the creator.

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Types of QR Codes

Tracking the Action

We want to help you generate better results from your marketing efforts, and in turn capture new student prospects. In correspondence with print to mobile marketing, personalizing your campaigns can generate additional responses when utilizing personalized websites (PURL). The PURL, or the main call to action, is the main event of the direct mail campaign. Using a PURL gives students and recipients the opportunity to visit their own website and send you information about themselves by completing short surveys or answering your questions. After the student complete their survey, you can direct them to your Facebook page or a micro site that focuses on their interests based on the survey. A lot is going on during this “call-to-action” process, and it is initiated through direct mail campaigns.

Benefits of Using Personal URLs

  • Information gathered instantly via email and sent to specific people in your department for capture.
  • Track user activity and see exactly who is viewing their PURL and what they are interested in.
  • Easily navigated, interactive web pages that can be designed using HTML and CSS.
  • Increased response rates when used with personalized direct mail campaigns.
  • Real time lead generation and tracking.

Learn How PURLs Work

  • Setup a Personal URL with us for John Smith and 5,000 additional contacts listed on your mailing list.
  • John’s Purl,, is created and hosted within our database.
  • When John Smith gets his direct mail piece, he enters his personal web address to visit his personalized website.
  • John sees his name, what education concentrations he is interested in, and anything else based on the initial mailing list data.
  • Once on his site, John answers some basic identification questions and takes the 5 question survey providing you with valuable information about himself and his interests.
  • You log onto your customized admin portal and have John Smith’s information, activity logs, and other information.
  • John enjoys his interactive experience and you gain valuable information about John for your next cross media mailing campaign.

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