PrintBITS May 2013


Packaging Possibilities

By Mohawk MakeReady and Printing Concepts

Digital printing is the perfect solution to packaging trends: limited quantities, frequent promotions, shorter product cycles, increased personalization, and versatility in substrates. There are two positive associations between packaging and digital printing that sometimes get overlooked. First, unlike some types of printed material, packaging is not being displaced by digital documents…and it’s not going to be. Second, packaging is becoming a critical component of cross media marketing campaigns that take advantage of variable data printing, Personal URLs (PURLs), related online campaign media, and printed security enhancements.The 4 things that differentiate digitally printed packaging from other products:

  • Quality/range of digital substrates.
  • The ability to manage variable data.
  • Brand protection strategies.
  • Time and quantity solutions.

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PrintBITS: Package Design101

By Printing Concepts and Michael Stanat, Research Executive for SIS International Research, a leading full-service market research and market intelligence firm, with Global and US coverage since 1984.

Research has found that good packaging contributes to convenience, which improves customer satisfaction. Package design has a crucial role in the last moments of a consumer’s decision to make a purchase. It is often the most important and most overlooked aspect of marketing. In the last 10 seconds before the purchasing decision, consumers view packaging as a motivation to buy. Market research supports this. It’s the packaging of the product which is most crucial for marketers.

Research on good packaging reflects several rules-of-thumb, all of which focus on customer satisfaction and retaining brand identity. The last 10 seconds is the crucial part of a buyer’s decision.

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PrintBITS: QR Codes

By Mohawk MakeReady and Nathan Chandler from

The evolution of the smartphone is actually bringing print and digital closer. Printing Concepts can offer cutting-edge digital services that can boost online and print responses. You can achieve all of this with today’s top print to digital technology…from QR codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. What these two technologies have in common is a way to link traditional printing to digital technology. By combining print with online communications, printers can bring added value to their customers.

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