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If you look at how consumer relationships have developed concerning brands and products in the past few years, it’s apparent that one-on-one marketing works. Most campaigns are steering away from marketing to the general public and are focusing on creating targeted advertisements through direct mail that is personalized to individuals and companies. At Printing Concepts, we have been on this band wagon for a while now, and in response we have seen an increase in sales for both ourselves and our clients.

When our clients began sending direct mail with personalization, they saw an overall increase of responses. From our findings, about 5-6% more people showed greater interest in their services by either visiting online or calling directly to find out more.

Although we love being personal with our clients and learning more about your needs and interests, we know we can do more.

“Despite marketers being positive about the concept of personalizing campaigns, evidence suggests that in reality, marketers are not going far enough to actually make their campaigns relevant to individual consumers.” – Neolane Marketing August 2010

As a printing and marketing firm, we agree with the above statement, and want to help the way you market to your clients. In the new age of advertising, the average consumer is more knowledgeable and expects much more than just an individualized first name and simple call to action. It is this thinking that has led us to embrace the idea that marketing is becoming more dynamic and requires more research into consumer habits. We have implemented these steps that you can use to increase the likability of your direct mail and marketing campaign pieces.

Personalized Envelopes

Printing Concepts can create any kind of personalized message on your envelope. All we need is a mailing list of your contacts which includes all your variable information. Your mailing list should include addresses, salutation information, and any variable information such as company, position title, general interests, or past purchases. Using this information, we can create an envelope that speaks directly to your consumers. Ask us for more information about personalizing your envelopes and variable data.

Full color Photos and Illustrations

Using full color photos and artwork on your envelope increases the appeal of everything about that mailing piece. It holds the attention of the consumer, helps with brand recognition, and makes your mailing look more professional. At Printing Concepts, we know how to produce full color envelopes of any size that can sell your next campaign.

Direct Teaser Copy that Refers to the Envelope Contents

Make sure your consumer knows what they are opening. Too many times we have received envelops that just say “Open Me” or “Deadline – Time Sensitive Material.” Aside from being pushy, the consumer is just left confused if they don’t know what they are responding to. Creating copy that goes with your images and artwork will help ensure your campaigns are noticed and receive a high response rate. “Open Me Now to Receive a Giant Box of Coupons,” or “Deadline: Order Your White Papers before the 1st” are better ways to mention call to actions. Most people like to get mail, but everyone likes to know what they are getting into.

NOTE: Use these together to make a marketing monster!

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