PrintBITS – January 2013 – The Social Marketing Edition



Engage Customers with Personalized Envelopes and Fresh Marketing Tactics

by Jon Hall and Melissa Rogowski, Printing Concepts

If you look at how consumer relationships have developed concerning brands and products in the past few years, it’s apparent that one-on-one marketing works. Most campaigns are steering away from marketing to the general public and are focusing on creating targeted advertisements through direct mail that is personalized to individuals and companies. At Printing Concepts, we have been on this band wagon for a while now, and in response we have seen an increase in sales for both ourselves and our clients.

When our clients began sending direct mail with personalization, they saw an overall increase of responses. Looking at the data, about 5-6% more people showed greater interest in their services by either visiting online or calling directly to find out more.

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Why You Should Be Using PURLs to Collect Audience Information

by Jon Hall, Printing Concepts; parts taken from “Is It Time to Invest in PURLs“, Heidi Tolliver-Nigro

Consumers are most likely to pay attention to messages that speak to them personally. Personalized URLs deliver just that. Personalized Uniform Resource Locators (PURLs) take recipients to individual landing pages where the user is greeted by their name and other identified information. Within their personal website, they can participate in surveys based on user’s preferences or submit information to populate a marketer’s database. Adopting PURLs as a marketing tool can make every message more relevant to each recipient. Customers and prospects who log onto their own PURLs see content served specifically to them based on prior behavior, life stages, segmentation, demographics and any other data a company may have. Used optimally, they help sellers approach behavioral targeting both online and in the mail stream.

As consumers view products, read, play videos, browse, click and purchase online, their activities are fed back into the marketer’s data pool. This new intelligence can be used to make subsequent communication even more pertinent.

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7 Ways to Make Social Marketing Work For You

By Jon Hall, Printing Concepts; parts taken from, Tarun Gehani

At Printing Concepts, we engage our audience on Facebook and LinkedIn through various updates and calls to action that contain great rewards for their participation. Part of the social media experience is to make it worth everyone’s attention, so allowing discounts or freebies is not a bad thing. After all, the more interaction and splash you have online, the more of a ripple effect it can have on other people, until you have a mass following that all want to hear your message.

Is social media right for your business? And if so, which networks should you have a presence on? Should you manage your accounts yourself, or is it worth it to hire asocial media consultant?

Below are some sure-fire ways to get set up on social media the right way.

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