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In February, we hired Michael Sullivan, a local salesman that has been in involved in the printing industry for almost 30 years. In our world of print production, having a sales team that knows the business and knows their clients is invaluable.

Our marketing and branding development people have been working with Michael to ensure his clients feel right at home with us. Look forward to talking with Michael Sullivan more as we bring him on more projects. Read about him below in an Interview with Michael Sullivan.

Q:When did you get started in the printing industry? Can you discuss some of that?

A: I have always had a love of books and reading, so I guess it was a natural progression. English, Reading, and Literature were huge in my family, so opportunities to get into the printing end of it were perfect.

Q: Is it something that you knew you wanted to get into? Did you start out as a salesman?

A: I first looked at the publishing end of it with Little Brown & Company in Boston. The problem with that was I wanted to work and live in Erie; which certainly turned out to be the right choice. My former company was starting the Erie Magazine at the time, which was perfect [for me] and led into print sales.

Q:What do you think is the most interesting part of the printing business?

A: The communication of ideas, information, and working with smart, creative people. This business is never boring.

Q: When you talk to clients, do you focus on their needs currently or where they are going in the next 1-5 years? Explain.

A: I really try to do both. Currently or presently, a client will have a need or project that needs to be addressed immediately. But saying that, yes, I constantly try to engage and understand where the customer sees their business headed so that we can partner with them to provide solutions and meet their expectations.

Q: Where do you see the printing business going in the next few years?

A: If you understand that we’re in the business of communication, our [industry] will continue to become more personalized. With the new technology we have, we can have a one on one conversation with customers which is a huge leap of where we were even 2-5 years ago.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom to newcomers to the industry?

A: You’re going to meet some of the most creative, talented, and hyper-active people in the world who will turn into great friends and most importantly – always sweat the details.

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