PrintBITS: What Our New HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press Means To You


By Jon Hall, parts taken from the HP Indigo Sell Sheet

From large to short runs ranging from one to 6-plus colors, our digital presses are ready to produce quality products fixed to your schedule.

“The HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press delivers unmatched digital offset and photo quality with high versatility and productivity. Seamlessly switching between jobs and media types—with a new added ability to print on synthetics—the press is ideal for [Print Service Providers] with a diverse job mix.” – HP Development


Digital printing uses digital files to combine traditional offset printing strategies with unsurpassed quality. By using digital files instead of plates, production costs are minimized while the speed and value is increased. With the speed of the press, we are able to achieve genuine photo quality with our HP Indigo 5600 Press and the production value has never looked so amazing.

Our HP Indigo 5600 can use up to 6 on-press inks enabling the use of HP Indigo’s patented ElectroInk technology and wide digital color selections. These include using special effect inks and process colors for vivid printing and accurate on-press Pantone emulations. In addition, we are able to use true spot colors, mixed off press, for perfect Pantone-certified solids.

Widest media range: With 2500+ certified usable substrates—the widest choice in the industry—the Indigo 5600 press prints on a variety of uncoated and coated papers as well as unique substrates such as synthetics, dark papers, transparent, metallic, recycled media, and paperboard for folding cartons and packaging. Download a PDF about HP Certified Substrates here!

Printing on synthetics: The press supports high-value specialty applications printed on synthetics using HP Indigo’s unique One Shot Color printing mode. *For more information on synthetic or “green” paper and what substrates we can use, contact a sales representative at 814-833-8080.

Security printing: HP Indigo ElectroInk UV Red creates print that is only visible under UV light. This is valuable for high-security tickets, confidential sheets, plastic cards and adding anti-counterfeiting features. *For more information on printing security ink and papers, contact Mike Martin Printing Concepts at 814-833-8080.

White Opaque Ink: The press supports dark and black substrates that work with printed opaque white inks on a variety of darker papers. The opaque white ink acts like any offset or screen printed ink and can be used for any kind of project.

Spot Matte Varnish Ink: HP Indigo ElectroInk Matte Varnish allows for spot matte varnishes on numerous types of paper and other substrates. Quickly include a matte spot varnish on your project with minimal setup costs and the speed of the HP Indigo digital press.

HP SmartStream Production Center: A new production management system that focuses the challenges of producing and delivering high volumes of short run print jobs. The system incorporates new versions of variable data design and impositioning software that help the pressmen work quicker and more efficiently in producing large projects that have numerous moving parts.


Versatility is a key factor with our HP Indigo 5600 digital press.

  • We are easily able to run short to medium quantities for any type of project.
  • Use digital files to generate variable data printing, or VDP. This digital technology allows you to target your marketing message to reach more people, more effectively, making your direct mail and marketing campaigns more useful. Variable data printing uses a single design layout with variations of copy, images, and more related to your targeted message.
  • Print specialized QR (quick response) codes that get your audience to use their smart phone to access special discounts on a website.
  • Personalized URL addresses are great for direct mail campaigns enabling customers to visit personalized websites and access content specific for them.

If you would like to read more about the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press, or for the Technical Specifications click here.

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