7 Reasons for Digital Printing

Top 7 Reasons to Use Digital Printing

by Margie Gallo Dana, Dana Consulting 

Digital printing is the most exciting thing that’s happened to the printing industry in 30 years.

But nobody knows it. Exaggeration? A little…but not a lot.

If you haven’t heard, digital printing lets you print very small quantities and have them delivered fast-fast-fast. Unlike offset printing presses, which traditionally use plates made from film or aluminum, the new digital presses take your digital files and print from them. There’s no film involved at all.

Business owners can benefit by using this printing technology in many ways, if only they knew about it!

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HP Indigo Press 5600

What Our New HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press Means To You!

by Jon Hall, Printing Concepts; parts taken from the HP Indigo 5600 Sell Sheet 

From large to short runs ranging from one to 6-plus colors, our digital presses are ready to produce quality products fixed to your schedule.

The HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press delivers unmatched digital offset and photo quality with high versatility and productivity. Seamlessly switching between jobs and media types—with a new added ability to print on synthetics—the press is ideal for [Print Service Providers] with a diverse job mix. – HP Development

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Direct Mail Design


5 Best Practices in Direct Mail Design 

By Ethan Boldt, taken from Target Marketing Magazine and North American Publishing Company 

Direct mail and cross media marketing offer ways to communicate that are unmatched by any other current form of advertising. As more people look toward the digital age to get their message across, many businesses have stayed relevant with high impact versatile direct mail campaigns.

Read the interview and 5 best practices outlined by Patrick Fultz, president/CCO of DM Creative Group where he seeks to reinvent the way companies go about customer acquisition, retention and win-back campaigns by combining the power of direct mail and digital marketing output.

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