PrintBITS: The ESKO digital finisher: shaping the future


Digital Die-cut with the ESKO

Building on the success of digital printing, we have focused our efforts on delivering short run digital finishing products with the Kongsberg i-XE10 (or ESKO for short). The ESKO offers digital finishing solutions, such as scoring, kiss-cutting (for labels), and die-cutting for hundreds of substrates with speed and precision. Through the efficient and versatile finishing solutions offered by ESKO, we can focus on the conceptual language of visual communication devices, such as die-cut creative artwork, labels, packaging, PoP displays, and signage.

Watch a Video of the ESKO in Action.

Using the ESKO for creative printing solutions

Companies need to be able to make their brand stand out amid the competition. Limited only by their imagination, creative designers and artists can die-cut any shape using Adobe Illustrator or package design software. Traditionally, a die-cut and score finish would require a lengthy process of creating and ordering a physical die board and include hours of labor time and incurred costs. Comparatively, with the ESKO digital finisher, we can bypass the setup and die-cut printed material using a digital file specific for the ESKO die cutter. With the ESKO digital finisher, die-cutting and scoring projects at the same time is simple, allowing for unique, innovative finishing processes for short run projects.

Unmatched performance and versatility

Using our HP Indigo 5600 digital press, it’s possible to have variable data artwork with shaped pieces. By setting up the artwork per variable, we can deliver a unique die-cut shape from the ESKO for groups of variable prints or individual projects. In addition, the ESKO and HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press are on demand systems, giving us the option to print and die-cut proofs on demand. Setting up the ESKO digital finisher is quick, and completing a finished proof takes no longer than 60 seconds for most cut patterns. Immediate proofs for shaped die-cut art changes the way you can separate yourself from the competition.

Perfect Registration – All the Time

Assisted by a rack-and-pinion X/Y drive with precise motion control, the ESKO combines lightning-fast speed and accurate precision with easy operation for a wide range of materials. From custom shaped business cards to full brochures to small run packaging, the ESKO digital finisher generates an unlimited amount of potential for creating unique, innovative solutions for your company.

The ESKO: Shaping the Future

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