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Dimensional Mail: Sparking Curiosity and Responses

Tubes, boxes, lumpy envelopes, die-cut creations, and odd-shaped mailers are the kinds of packages that pique curiosity and beg to be opened. Would your inner child let you throw away one of those items without peeking inside? Probably not. And your audience will be just as intrigued.

Dimensional mail has an 8.5% to 30% response rate compared to 4.28% from other direct mail formats.

Studies have found that mail that isn’t flat — called dimensional or lumpy mail — produces higher response rates than other direct mail formats. “You have to give people something that they have incredible difficulty throwing away, I always try to approach direct mail with that mindset. It would feel like a sin to dump this into your trash bin” Says Geoff Dawson, Associate Creative Director at Grey Vancouver.

Dimensional mail also can strengthen your brand awareness through recognition. When you send a  trendy dimensional mailer, your audience won’t forget who sent the exciting package. Everyone likes to keep that one special holiday package that was a bit different from the rest. Plus, when you go above expectation, it’s likely people are going to mention your mailer to their friends and colleagues. As we all know, word-of-mouth marketing is unbeatable in any market, so embrace that and do something different.

It’s fact that unique and powerful mailers generally cost slightly more than letters or postcards, but they’ll also get you a lot more responses, too. They may be the exact solution you need to connect with your most valuable or hard-to-reach targets. The most important aspect, they are fun, exciting, and people are going to talk about them.

Create dimensional mailers while saving postage

Despite the costs, it’s difficult not to justify delving into dimensional packaging. There are several ways to minimize your overall investment in dimensional mail, such as using readily available materials that, with a few design tricks, still maintain your piece’s overall quality.

Here are a few ways you can create dimension while saving a few bucks on postage:

  • Use an inexpensive paper with full ink coverage to help the design and hide the paper.
  • Create a small mailer. You don’t need to create a big piece just to make it stand out. It’s dimensional, so it’s already going to catch the eye.
  • Use a flat-folding format. 3-D mailers don’t have to arrive in three dimensions. Have us design one that mails flat but “pops up” when the recipient opens the package. This strategy will reduce that valuable lumpiness factor, so using a small inset picture to show what’s inside and how the piece looks when it’s dimensional can go a long way.
  • Plan ahead. Build extra time into your schedule. While First-Class Mail® can get your piece to customers in a day or two, if you plan ahead and don’t mind sending it out via Standard Mail,® you can save on postage costs.

Overall, remember not to get so carried away in design possibilities that you lose focus on the mailer’s desired results. You want the dimensional piece to work for you, and the only way you’re going to do that is if the piece is on message. Contact Printing Concepts to see what sort of pricing we can generate so you can mail to the people you want without breaking the bank.

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