QR Codes



QR (Quick Response) Codes are square bar codes that can be printed on nearly any printable material and scanned by smart phone QR reader apps. Smart phone QR reader apps are typically shipped pre-installed into newer phones, plus they can be downloaded via numerous app stores if needed. Although QR codes are a relatively newer technology, it is being adopted quickly and will soon be the primary way businesses attract attention to websites, campaign landing pages, or Facebook and other social media outlets.

Currently, QR codes are mostly being used for social applications and promotional campaigns. QR codes grant consumers immediate access to information, promotional offers, and social media. Since they hold ten times more data than a typical barcode, they can link to digital content on the web; activate a number of phone functions including email, IM and SMS text; and connect the mobile device to a web browser. The limitations are up to the imagination of the client.

 What Can QR Codes Do For Me

  • Share Virtually Anything: With QR codes, you can share a multitude of items including videos, Facebook promos, web pages, blog entries, PDF downloads, downloadable apps and much more.
  • Sharing is Social Caring: One of the major applications for QR codes continues to be Facebook promotional campaigns, where customers can like your page and share with their friends. This sharing turns into a potential dialogue between you and your Facebook Community.
  • Eye Catching: Although QR codes are relatively new in the U.S. (they have been in Japan for over a decade), they catch the attention of everyone viewing your product. So whether or not people participate in the QR promotion, your business and product is being recognized.
  • Versatility: Because QR codes are simple to create, they can link to any number of sources for information and promotional offers. They can even be personalized specifically to certain customers.
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