Personal URL (Purls)


According to Mindfire, Inc. and direct marketing studies, more than 42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online. A Personal URL (Purl) provides a convenient online response webpage for customers. Purl pages are the key ingredient to any successful direct mail and cross media promotional campaigns. Generated from a mailing list, Purls act as personal webpages where customers can interact with the site, take short surveys, answer open-ended questions, sign-up for newsletters or events, and provide valuable feedback. They are essentially providing you with necessary contact information, interests, and likes and dislikes.

As customers visit their Purl website landing page, our database software records their online activity. When they input their email address and contact information, that data is recorded and sent to you to evaluate. Purl pages collect survey results, email data, the time the customer visits your site, how long they stay connected, and what they did while they were there. All this information is then provided to you in the form of statistical graphed data and charted information, customized to display the information you need.

What Can Personal URLs Do For Me

  • Personalized Marketing: Purl subscribers state that they receive 30% more responses when marketing person to person using Purls. *Mindfire, Inc. 
  • Cross Marketing: Bring your direct mail and online marketing campaigns together with Purls. Merging these technologies together will give you an improved marketing advantage.
  • Track Your Customer Live: Since customer activity is being fed into our database, you can access times and methods in which customers visit their Purl in real time. This data is extremely valuable when you want to appeal to a customer’s personality in follow-up campaigns.
  • Trigger Based Marketing: Receive notifications through email when someone clicks or responds to their Purl. Sales representatives can call or send a follow-up email within minutes, catching the customer at their peak interest times.

Benefits of Using Personal URLs

  • Information gathered instantly.
  • Analytics.
  • Easily navigated, interactive web pages.
  • Increased response rates.
  • Real time lead generation and tracking.

Learn How It Works

  • Setup a Personal URL with us for Sam Sample and 5,000 additional contacts listed on your mailing list.
  • Sam’s Purl,, is created and hosted within our database.
  • When Sam Sample gets his direct mail piece, he enters his personal web address into his browser and goes to his personal website.
  • Once on his site, Sam answers some basic identification questions and takes the 5 question survey providing you with valuable information about himself and his interests.
  • You log onto your customized Purl portal and have Sam Sample’s information, activity logs, and other information.
  • Sam enjoys his interactive experience and you gain valuable information about Sam for your next cross media mailing campaign.
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