Black Light and Security Ink


Black Light Printing Samples

When using black light and security ink (UV reactive ink), your printed product can take on an entirely new spectrum. Black light ink is invisible to the naked eye in normal lighting. When the printed paper is introduced to a black light, the ink transforms from being invisible to glowing bright white, only visible in a black light spectrum. Typically, black light inks are used for special promotional pieces at events for added design elements. They can also be used as security inks to check for the validity of documents for an event, or as a special “winning” piece only viewable through black light.

Used by all business types, black light and security ink help protect your documents, tickets, cards, and other printed products from counterfeiting. Traditionally used for tickets, passes, and identifying cards, security inks help preserve the validity of your secure documents, allowing your original or registered documents to be checked anywhere with black light.

Many billings and tickets have special paper, watermarks, and anti-copying marks that prevent people from forging documents. We know how frustrating it can be not to know which products are legitimate.

What Can Black Light and Security Ink Do For Me

  • Generate a huge interest: Black light inks on printing products build anticipation for the customer. Everyone loves surprises, especially if it involves holding a winning ticket or finding a new way to see things.
  • Cross promotional: Black light ink promotions can drive customers to campaign websites, or provide unique offers for customers that participate. Black light ink promotions drive business in new ways.
  • They work for security: Currently, using black light for security purposes is the most effective way to ensure validity of sensitive documents.
  • Black light inks are fun: Producing a fun, interactive direct mail piece can be challenging. Black light printing is a great way to engage the customer in a fun way, ensuring your brand name is memorable.
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