Aqueous Coatings


Aqueous coating is a fast drying, water based, protective coating applied right after the ink is laid on coated paper. The aqueous coated paper is then passed through a heated air system drying the coating quickly and producing an extra smooth surface. It is important to note that aqueous coatings can only be applied to coated paper. The aqueous coating absorbs into uncoated paper.

UV coating is a high glossy ultraviolet coating placed on your product and dried using ultraviolet light. UV coating can be used for virtually any type of project. As a benefit, the UV coating is resistant to smudging, marking, and prevents physical scratches. The UV coating also allows pieces to maintain a professional, high quality appearance due to a smooth hard finish.

What Can Aqueous/ UV Coating Do For Me?

  • Gloss or Matte Finish Coat: This clear coating provides a high gloss or matte finish which protects the surface from dirt, smudges, fingerprints and scratches.
  • It’s Durable: Aqueous coating improves your direct mailing durability as they travel through the mail or inserted into pockets. The coating is also applied on brochures, catalog covers, flyers and other visual ads for additional support. Also it dries quickly allowing your product to be shipped in a faster amount of time. 
  • Protection from the Environment: The coating is perfect for protecting against most weather related elements, and exceeds any varnishes used.
  • Eye Catching Colors: When you use gloss aqueous coating on rich colors, the intensity of the color is magnified allowing it to capture the attention of the holder.
  • Sustainable: These processes are low cost and environmentally friendly, giving you and your customer piece of mind when they receive their product.
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