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Direct Mail vs. Email SurveySince we have been working with non-profit organizations for over 20 years, we’ve seen positive changes in how direct mail is utilized to generate responses from the public. As direct mail and online media has become more focused on the target audience, there has been more personal attention given to the individual. Using targeted personalized direct mail for non-profits and cross media efforts for your campaigns can help increase your response rates by up to 20%!**

Direct Mail Still Works – Make it Personal

Adding a personalized message to the individual explaining the immediate and long-term benefits of your non-profit is the best way to get your message out there. People are going to respond well to your marketing efforts when they are sincere, honest and directed to them personally. Whether you’re communicating to someone about a special event or collecting feedback from the community, personalizing your mail grabs the attention of the individual and encourages them to take the next step for your non-profit.

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Personalized Cross Media Gets Results

More people are gaining results through cross media marketing. The real results are showing up in personalized cross media advertising, non-profit organizations using direct mail to drive people to webpages and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. According to Marketing Profs and the Seybold Report on Printing and Publishing, using personalized cross media marketing can generate up to an additional 20% of response rates, with +9% of respondents responding through a personalized online website. We can help integrate your mailing efforts through mobile devices, email, websites and social media. Utilizing multiple channels of communication can create more profitable long-term relationships for you.

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Refine your messages by tracking online activity

As a non-profit, your marketing message appears in multiple channels via print and online media. Integrating an online call to action such as a QR Code or website link allows you to track your campaigns online and discover patterns of user activity. By using this collected data, you have a better idea of what the your community is interested in and what you can do to bring them in further. We offer online solutions to help you gather this information from your direct mail audience. Using personalized webpages or QR Codes, we can track individual activity online so you know what webpages they are viewing, how long a specific person is viewing a page, and what they are interested in. Including a short survey for individuals to fill out gives you the opportunity to collect vital information that can be used to refine your next marketing campaign. All this information is necessary to generate a spectacular response from your audience.

Using your mailing list as an initial database, you can use this new information to refine your marketing efforts and focus on those who have or have not shown an interest in your marketing campaign. Your message gets better with each indication of who is interested in your non-profit.

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** Data taken from the Seybold Report Vol. 9 No. 12

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