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Best Practices to Motivate Your Audience

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Nowadays, every single company is trying to promote their own products and services, so it’s becoming more and more difficult to come up with unique and creative ideas to motivate your target audience into buying your products. There are certain things you can do in order to increase your visibility and appeal to a wider audience, as well as motivate and attract your target market.

1. Give away free products and services. This will in turn trigger a certain response in them, as they will start feeling guilty if they don’t give something back to you.  You can also choose to make your products seem scarcer than they really are. By announcing that a certain product is available only in a limited stock quantity, you will give people the impression that your products are unique and special, and that they should hurry to buy the product, otherwise they may miss out on the chance.

2. Expressing more of your own personality and passions in your own work. People respond better to human interaction and friendliness in general, so they will be more motivated to purchase your products or services after they have a broader idea of what your brand is really about and how it revolves around your personality.

3. Limit the customers’ options – this way, the decision-making process becomes easier and options become clearer, so potential customers will be more motivated to make the decision of buying one of your products. This can also be done by simplifying the website navigation and design.

4. Suggesting positive feelings, such as excitement, curiosity and interest. If your customers associate your products or services with these positive feelings, then they will be more likely to purchase them. This doesn’t mean that you will deceit people, it only means that you will offer them a better understanding of the benefits offered.

5. People also love good stories, so a good way to persuade potential customers to make a purchase is by grabbing their attention using interesting, motivational stories, which will direct people on the right path – to your store!

6. Triggering the survival instinct is also known to get people to listen more attentively to what you’re saying and get them motivated. There are three big survival triggers which will always have a great influence on readers: sex, food and danger. If you integrate one of these into your blog posts, images, and social media posts, you will surely get people’s attention at a much faster rate.

7. Promising quick, easy results is another way to reach the heart of your customers. By adding adjectives such as “quick” and “instant”, you will motivate people much more quickly, but remember that you should never promise something that you know is not possible. Always stick to your promises and deliver the expected results.

8. Always be a professional in everything that you do, and treat people with respect. You should also speak more directly to your customers, by using the word “you” more frequently. And last, but not least, don’t forget to include any testimonials, positive reviews and ratings made by your clients on your blog or website. Encourage comments, display the most popular posts, and install social media buttons for your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn accounts, so that people can reach you more easily.


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