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One of our goals is to focus on what hospitals and medical facilities need most. We understand how daunting it can be for medical facilities to market effectively to the right audience. With our extensive experience working with the medical profession, we have related news articles, featured projects, and marketing suggestions that can assist you in developing printed and online resources for your customers and patients.

What Printing Concepts Can Do For Your Cross Media Campaigns

At Printing Concepts, we have worked with numerous renowned hospitals, both regionally and nationally, with their marketing campaigns, and we run into similar challenges with every project. “How do we reach our patients and create an exciting opportunity for them to respond?” When we work with medical facilities and hospitals, our main goal includes creating an engaging experience for customers and patients that entices them to respond to a promotional campaign. In addition, we focus on providing hospitals a way to track and monitor their campaigns through an online portal where they can access campaign response results.

We understand the challenges that hospitals and medical facilities face when launching a cross media campaign, and we have items in place that can greatly increase your chances of a highly successful campaign.

Variable Data Printing: When sending a direct mail campaign, it’s difficult to target everyone with just one set of text, one image for everyone, and one mailing message. With variable data printing, we can substitute and replace much of the information with targeted copy and images specific to a certain demographic. Images and text elements can be custom created for individuals or groups of demographics.  For example, you could replace static text with custom targeted text for individuals over the age of 65 from the manufacturing industry, in addition to other demographics. Using your mailing list, we can personalize each direct mail piece for every individual. This will ensure you speak to the person directly so they feel comfortable responding to a direct mail campaign.

Personalized URL: Using personalized urls, or Purls, a customer can be directed to a personalized web page in which they log in with their e-mail and password; they can complete a brief survey or answer questions about a product or service, or participate in any other number of options. The creative outlets for a purl are limited only by the customer. At Printing Concepts, we have experience working with Purls, so we can help you generate the surveys, create interactive activities for customers, write your copy for the Purl, and walk you through the Purl process, from conception to completion when you get the results.

Digital Publications: As part of our digital experiences, we have created digital publications for online viewing. Basically, we post a newsletter, article, magazine, or even a book online for your customers to view on their computers, tablets, or mobile devices. In a world that is becoming more mobile, creating easy access to your publications online is becoming a necessary device, and your customers are going to appreciate it.

In addition, we can help you create:

  • Electronic newsletters
  • Personalized and mass QR codes for direct mail
  • Facebook and social media management
  • Website content creation
  • Marketing assistance
  • and more…

At Printing Concepts, we understand the challenges that go into creating a great direct mail and marketing campaign for hospitals and the medical industry. Check our Hospitals and Medical News Page for marketing and direct mail campaigns, success stories, and past projects that we have created for the medical industry.


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