Medal of Honor: Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice


The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation selected Printing Concepts to design, print, and assemble the Medal of Honor Binder and promotional pieces. The Medal of Honor project is one of great satisfaction for us, as we are proud to be an integral part of this production. Using real-life accounts from Medal of Honor recipients, this resource for teachers includes a full curriculum with lesson plans, activities, questionnaires, and other resources for the classroom. As part of the on-going teaching moments, the curriculum is distributed to select educational institutions in the region as a way to help educate our youth about the sacrifices taken and honor bestowed upon our American veterans, from World War II through the Iraq War.

Printing Concepts helps to develop the look and design of the binder, brochure, booklets, and other materials. The teaching curriculum and activities are written by regional teachers and are offered by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

“The Medal of Honor Curriculum Development Project demonstrates with crystal clarity that our young citizens, those who will carry our democracy into the future, can be taught the importance of service to the community and the values that made this nation great.”

Colonel Jack H. Jacobs
Recipient of the Medal of Honor
Chairman, Congressional Medal of Honor Curriculum Development Project

How We Make The Medal of Honor Project

In order to produce this, we print the main portion of the curriculum in the binder and brochure on our Komori Lithrone 628 using CMYK, and we add a gloss varnish for the brochure. We send the cardboard binder cover and casing to be produced by Colad, while the DVD and interactive content is produced by Pratt & Whitney. All the major printing and assembly is done on site at Printing Concepts. Overall, this continues to be a really fun project and we love working with the people at the CMoHF.

The graphic design is done in-house by our own Stephanie Bruce, and the assembly and printing is completed as a joint effort by our press team.

The full project that Printing Concepts produces includes:

  • The full 250- page binder includes curriculum, lesson plans, factual accounts from veterans, activities, and other classroom resources.
  • Online resources for teachers to use in conjunction with the Medal of Honor curriculum.
  • A DVD with educational materials that reflect the binder contents.
  • Brochures and printed pieces that are distributed to schools and education institutions.
  • Press Releases for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

Medal of Honor Brochure with VarnishMedal of Honor Binder and Sliding CaseMedal of Honor Binder - Inserted Stories and Lesson PlansMedal of Honor Binder with DVDMedal of Honor Binder with DVDMedal of Honor Real-Life Accounts with VeteransMedal of Honor Binder with Tabs


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    • The use of these learning tools are intended to beset the ideas of honor and responsibility to one’s own life. I can also see how this material can be used to promote violence and “glorify” war, however in the end, the message of believing in your country and its heroes outweighs the negative messages that may be taken away by students.

      These are also given to guest instructors where they specialize in teaching this material. In no way to they emphasize the violence during their lessons.

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