Hospitals & Medical: Use Cross Media and Direct Mail to Target New Clients


Many of our clients reside in the medical industry, and recently they have been asking us to help them with their direct mailing campaigns. As one of the few printers in Erie that specializes in assisting hospitals and medical facilities in their marketing and direct mail campaigns, we have been pretty busy. We love doing this, and we really enjoy the challenges that come with the projects. Many of the projects have  short time lines and a number of variable pieces going to different demographics in their region.

Add incentives to a direct mail campaign

As we work with more people in hospitals and the medical industry, we come into contact with familiar questions. We hear: “I want to target more people, but I’m not sure what will entice people the most.” and “How do I get the word out the fastest, we need to let people know what is going on here.” more than anything else. When people come to us with these types of questions, we have a few options. Direct mail works wonders when it is paired up with an incentive or online offer that people can relate to. For example, we recently completed a project where direct mail recipients were asked to participate on an online survey to offer suggestions to the hospital on ways they can better serve the community. They went to a personalized web page where they were greeted with an introduction, and a survey to complete. People that visited and completed their online surveys were given personalized gifts and a chance to win bigger prizes. With this kind of enticement, people flocked to their online surveys, 1) to get their free gift, and 2) help a community hospital operate more efficiently.

Timing your mailing

One of the key aspects that we focus on includes the timing of your direct mail campaign. A direct mail campaign should be released in conjunction to another event at your medical facility. An anniversary, an acquisition of a new piece of medical equipment, or the addition of a new staff member. Whether the event is large or small, it gives the mail recipient information that could affect them and their family members. Plus, it keeps your brand name active in their minds. When it comes to brand management, that is important.

Make it Interactive

When sending a direct mail campaign, you always want to recipient to have a call to action. Whether this is to drive someone to a website, answer questions on a survey, or “Like” you on Facebook, the recipient is interacting with you at some level. Hospitals and medical facilities should be investing time in Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, and other forms of social media. Social media is great for keeping your patients and clients up to date with the latest news. With direct mail, you can lead them to these various outlets, allowing them to delve further into your hospital or medical practice.

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