Acquiring a Business Mailer ID


Necessary Steps to Acquire a Business Mailer ID

It is important that you complete the following steps so that you are able to send business mail at an optimal rate starting in 2013. Setting up your Business Mailer ID can be done in just a few minutes and consists of two parts for most people. 

The Mailer ID is a six or nine-digit number assigned by the USPS® that identifies the specific business sending the mailing. Higher volume mailers are eligible to receive six-digit Mailer IDs, and lower volume mailers will receive nine-digit Mailer IDs. A Mailer ID is used for Postal Services such as the Intelligent Mail™ Barcode (IMb), Intelligent Mail™ Package Barcode (IMpb), and for electronic documentation. The Mailing ID Number that you create is your number for your business, and can be given to any vendor or mailing services you wish to use.

NOTE: Please keep your Mailing ID Number on file.

Use the following steps to create your new Business Mailer ID. If there are any changes to your Business Mailer ID, please contact us immediately so we may update our files to replicate any changes.

Download our step-by-step PDF instruction guide if you need additional resources. 

Part 1: Creating your USPS Profile

NOTE: If you already have a USPS Account, please skip to Part 2

  1. Go to and select the Business Customer Gateway link at the bottom lower right corner of the page. This link will take you a log-in page.
  2. You may Sign In at the top right. If you don’t yet have a business customer account, you will need to create one by registering as a new user. Select New User Registration to begin creating your USPS Business Account.
  3. On the New User Registration page, you can create your Username and Password and Profile all in one page. Click Create Account after filling out all necessary sections.
  4. USPS will send you an email verifying your profile. You don’t need to do anything with this email, but keep it for safe keeping or forward it to your mailing department.
  5. After filling out the form and pressing Create Account, you will redirect to the USPS Business Service page.

Mailer ID Log In

Part 2: Applying for your Business Mailer ID

  1. On the Business Service page, select Mailer ID under the Heading Design & Prepare.
  2. Select the business you want to request a mailer ID for and press Next.
  3. Press Confirm to submit your request for Business Mailer ID.
  4. will automatically ask for a Business Service Administrator (if this hasn’t been already set up). If you wish to act as the USPS Business Service Administrator, select your account and press Continue or press No Thanks if you wish to leave this role blank for now. You can always come back and complete this process later.
  5. Logout and allow USPS to contact you. According to their site, they should contact you within 24 hours of your Business Mailer ID Request.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Melissa Rogowski @ Printing Concepts. We can also provide additional support if you run into problems while creating your Business Mailer ID. If there are any changes to your Business Mailer ID, please contact us immediately so we may update our files to replicate any changes.

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