Pre-press and Proofing



The process of printing goes far beyond the proper placement of ink on paper, and Printing Concepts prides itself on its state of the art pre-press and proofing capabilities.

“We know the world is continually evolving technologically and we do everything we can do to keep one step ahead so we are be able to answer our customers’ questions before they have the chance to ask them. We work hand-in-hand with our customers’ art departments and agencies. If a customer has an idea with no graphic or layout support, we can help there as well,” said Jim Colvin, Creative Director at Printing Concepts.

Printing Concepts establishes a timeline based on customer needs in order to ensure timely delivery.

Pre-Press Services

As part of the pre-press and proofing services offered at Printing Concepts, we specialize in more than just plate production and printing services. Our design professionals can help you in the preparation and transferring of data, color correction techniques, proof management, and much more. We are experts at facilitating your project from start to finish.

  • Scanning, retouching, color manipulation, special effects and digital page assembly
  • Color management from file to press
  • Automated PDF creation, file transfer and conversions
  • Multiple project workflow when part of a larger campaign, content and rights management
  • Online digital content and position and color proofing
  • Workflow/ process consultation and promotional assistance
  • Digital design management
  • Preflight and PDF creation services

 Pre-Press Software

  • Cross platform compatibility – our pre-press department uses both Mac and PC operating systems with the latest Adobe and design software packages
  • On-site data and offsite data backup with redundancy protocols to store your information
  • CREO Trendsetter Platesetter for offset plating and printing
  • Onsite proofs printed on a Xerox WorkCentre and Epson Stylus Pro 9900 large format printer
  • Software application support for QuarkXpress 8, Adobe Master Suite CS6, and Microsoft Office 10 Support
  • Proofing and light room specifically for client proofing (We offer complimentary cups of coffee as well.)
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