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Direct mail and cross media marketing offer ways to communicate that are unmatched by any other current form of advertising. At Printing Concepts, our focus with our clients is to help you generate as much interest in your product as possible. As more people look toward the digital age to get their message across, many businesses have stayed relevant with high impact versatile direct mail campaigns.

Below are a few numbers that show how effective direct mail still is:

  • 65% of adults prefer reading advertisements on paper, while responding through an online action.
  • Direct mail recipients were 28% more inclined to purchase a product or service as a result of receiving direct mail advertisements.
  • 35% of direct mail recipients are inclined to research the advertiser on the web, or respond with a web address printed on the mailing.
    * All information from Mindfire, Inc.

Taken from a study from Epsilon Targeting, a Consumer Channel Preference Study by Epsilon Targeting discovered that 60 percent of U.S. consumers “enjoy checking the mailbox for Postal mail” and direct mail is their most elected way to receive information about financial services when compared to email messaging and digital services.  (36 percent for mail vs. 8 percent for e-mail)

“Direct mail continues to serve as the channel of choice and most trusted for recipients of marketing information in many categories.” According to the study, direct mail and general mail outperformed email by 14 to 1 when set to a side by side comparison of recipient preferences.

One of the biggest reason people preferred direct mail: Trust. From the gathered data, they found that consumers are still skeptical from most information they receive from email and social media outlets.

At Printing Concepts, we know how viable direct mail is for your business, and with recent advancements in direct mail marketing tactics, focusing your message to individuals or groups of your clients has never been easier.

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