4 Reasons It Pays to Have a Company Blog



Printing Concepts has always valued itself on the quality of work that we have produced for our clients. Printing is our business, and we wouldn’t be able to compete in today’s market if we didn’t really know what we were doing. For more than 40 years we have been involved in the printing business, at first as a fast one-stop-shop for quick printing, but as the demand for commercial offset and digital printing grew in Erie, we answered the call to provide quality printing services with the knowledge and credibility our customers deserve. 30 years have gone by since then, and we still offer some of the same services, but we have delved into more digital work and increased our direct mail revenue throughout the years as well. Direct mail and personalized mail now accounts for over 25% of our business!

Again, the times are changing, and Printing Concepts is answering the call of our customer. In this information latent time, we have developed a blog and Facebook page that we use to help our customer understand what we can do, and how we accomplish their jobs.  Our resources can be accessed online, and we have developed a site and blog that works on both desktop and mobile platforms. We know that people are constantly moving, and although printing is considered an old-fashioned business, we have developed and catered it to work with the busy individual of today. So why did we do this? (besides to keep constant with our customer). We did this to make sure we, as well as our customers, are always knowledgeable about what they are buying, and know the extent that we are willing to go to help them accomplish their goals.

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